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Manufacturer: XTECH SPORT
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Made with seamless 3D structure technology and designed for winter use, it keeps the temperature constant without making you sweat excessively. Caseback with additional high-density inserts, also ideal for long distances.
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70% Q-Skin
25% dryarn
5% Elastane

Q-Skin is a silver ion bacteriostatic microfibre.
This innovative fiber has unique and inimitable characteristics:
– Breathability: sweat is expelled keeping the body dry and at an ideal temperature
– Hypoallergenic, thanks to the use of very pure silver ions.
- Hygiene and comfort: the use of silver ions prevents the proliferation of bacteria, keeping the skin dry and 
clean with a high level of comfort. –Resistance to washing and reliability: the progressive silver release allows high solidity and resistance to
washing, preserving the characteristics of the product for a long time. – Respect for the environment thanks to a sustainable and environmentally friendly production system –Compliance with European and international regulations: the silver ions used in the production of Q-Skin
comply with the European Union Directives on biocides and are registered with the EPA (Environmental
Protection Agency) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration ) American. Dryarn® is an innovative polypropylene microfiber that guarantees high levels of performance even in
extreme contexts of use. A technological and innovative product because it is as resistant as it is light,
insulating and breathable, as well as being hygienic, wearable and ecological. One fact above all, which emerged from laboratory tests, is the ability to expel sweat 167 times faster and
more effectively than traditional cotton. The thermal insulating capacity of Dryarn® is unique and creates a
transpiring barrier which acts as an insulator at the entrance and as a vehicle for perspiration towards the
outside. To the full advantage of a healthy microclimate, favorable to our well-being, which allows the skin
to remain dry and warm in the winter months and dry and cool in the summer months. An insulating capacity
superior to that of wool which allows you to lighten the number of garments to wear, guaranteeing greater
freedom of movement. The stable and ideal "dry" condition of the fabric prevents the formation of bacteria
that cause bad odors, reducing the risk of irritation, allergies and dermatitis. The "active" and permanent
hypoallergenicity of Dryarn® makes it an ideal fiber also for use in the medical field.
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