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MPM-TECH Chainring Honey Sram Direct 34T offset 3mm gold sram direct compatible

Manufacturer: MPM-TECH
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MPM-TECH Corona Honey 34T offeset 3mm (boost) gold anodic
Construction materials: ALU 7075
Crown teeth: 34T
Crown offset: 3mm (boost)
Compatibility: Sram direct
Made in Italy product by MPM-TECH
Weight: 52 grams
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MPM-TECH Exchange Cage Sram Eagle mtb 12 speed

WHY USE EXCHANGE? The Exchange gearbox cage is CNC machined from ALU 7075 alloy. It is equipped with 12T-18T pulleys with oversized bearings with high precision and smoothness, delrin caps that completely cover the bearing, preventing water and mud from penetrating. The 18T lower pulley improves the transmission speed and reduces the stresses of the chain in the technician. The 12-speed Exchange cages are compatible with all Sram Eagle mtb gearboxes (both mechanical and Axs gearboxes) The Exchange cage is also compatible with the new sram 10-52 cassette, so you can keep your previous generation gearboxes, without having to buy the new Sram Eagle Lunar gearboxes. Compared to the Sram Eagle mechanical shifters, it is 13mm shorter.
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