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Manufacturer: XTECH SPORT
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Headset made with seamless 3D technology. Thanks to its many features it can be used for all outdoor sports. Excellent thermoregulation, it protects well from the cold and at the same time does not overheat.
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One Size

Temperature ideal range: -10 / +15 degrees

Material Composition:

  • 54% X-Dry (PP)
  • 34% X-Pro (PA)
  • 4% Carbon Resistex
  • 8% Elastan
XDry is the brand that identifies the hollow fiber polypropylene developed by XTech. The main properties are breathability, lightness
and optimal thermoregulation in both summer and winter. This particular yarn is made according to our manufacturing techniques and the characteristics that the finished product must have.
The result is a fiber with exceptional performance precisely because it is made to measure and exclusively for XTech. The composition is 100% polypropylene but the manufacturing techniques and procedures to create this thread remain top secret! xpro dry The XPro brand distinguishes one of the yarns researched and developed by XTech. It is a polyamide microfiber made up of linear
macromolecules obtained from the polycondensation of bifunctional compounds. Basically, thanks to its multi-filament section, it guarantees breathability, softness to the touch, resistance to wear and tear and
ease of dyeing in any colour. Combined with XDry polypropylene, the characteristics of the 2 yarns come together and give life to
products with inimitable performance. The recipe for creating this thread is jealously guarded in the XTech and top secret offices! Resistex® Carbon is a yarn with unique technical characteristics, made up of a continuous filament of conductive material based
on active carbon and textile fibres. Here are the results of the tests carried out: – The first significant data concerns the body
temperature measured on the athletes. Wearing Resistex® Carbon underwear and socks, the variation in temperature was in fact
three times lower than that measured with 100% polyester shirts. The exceptional breathability of the fabric allows for faster
evaporation of humidity. During hard training, the subjects' respiratory parameters were favorably modified. In fact, a reduction of
the need for oxygen of three litres/minute and of the respiratory quotient was obtained. The heart rate is 4 beats/minute lower than
in the subjects wearing the 100% polyester shirt. The concentration of lactic acid in the capillary blood is about 12% less. In the
light of these results, we can state that garments in Resistex® Carbon favorably influence well-being, performance, and
significantly reduce the risk of injuries and muscle strains.
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