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The handlebar is a very important component of the bicycle. It is distinguished according to the categories (cross country, enduro,
downhill, gravel, fixed, racing bike, track bike), provides different types of measures and depending on the discipline practiced,
there are different gradations. The choice of the handlebar is extremely important both for the search for the best riding style and for the search for the correct
positioning in the saddle. There are different types of materials with which the handlebars are made. They range from the cheapest, made of aluminum and steel, up to carbon and titanium products, very expensive but at the same
time highly technological and ideal for those looking for maximum performance.
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Manubrio Uno flat da 720mm diametro 31.8 Perfetto per chi vuole un manubrio sicuro ad un ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo.
€26.00 €31.00

Manubrio Xlc HB-M23 740mm alluminio nero

Manubrio Xlc HB-M23 740mm realizzato in alluminio, colore, nero diametro 31.8

Manubrio Tabros Carbon

Manubrio in fibra di carbonio Toray t800 con rise di 9 gradi, studiato per superare i test di resistenza dei manubri da downhill.