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Fork Rock Shox Sid 35 Select RL Debon Air 29 "Boost TwistLoc tapered rake 44 mm

Manufacturer: ROCK SHOX
Manufacturer part number: X00.4020.549.001
Delivery date: 1-2 giorni
The Sid 35 Select fork uses the new Charger RL cartridge, which has proven ready for the new generation of XC bikes, at the same time the 35mm stems guarantee greater stiffness on every trail.
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N.B. Minimum disc size: 180 mm.

    35 mm stems that guarantee lightness and stiffness, perfect characteristics for modern XC bikes.
    120mm travel
    The tried and tested Charger RL cartridge guarantees fluidity and rigidity at all times.
    The DebonAir ™ air spring is specifically tuned to meet the needs of the altelta XC and offer a perfect feeling of safety and control.
    SKF ultra-low friction seals provide long lasting fork performance and improve feel while riding.
    Maxima Plush liquid that reduces friction and noise.
    Compatibility with the new RockShox two-bolt short fender, included.
    Minimum disc size: 180 mm.


Charger RL
the Charger RL cartridge offers a precise and clear lock allowing the rider to maintain a stable and efficient pedaling even during
the longest climbs. Bottomless Tokens The Bottomless Tokens allow you to customize the performance of RockShox air forks to offer any biker the best sensations on any
terrain. By adding or removing the Bottomless Tokens you can vary the compression curve of the fork, in particular when adding the Tokens
the fork will become more sustained towards the end of the stroke during the most violent impacts giving riders with aggressive
riding the opportunity to tackle every path in the best way, at the same time reducing the number of Tokens present inside the fork,
you will obtain a more linear response from it, guaranteeing bikers with a not very aggressive ride the full use of the excursion,
increasing comfort at the same time on certain types of trail. The gray Bottomless Tokens are compatible with Solo Air forks: Pike, Lyric, Yari, Pike DJ and BoXXer. DebonAir Soft is better! Although it may seem weak in the first part of the excursion The new DebonAir cartridge increases the negative
chamber of the SoloAir cartridge offering all bikers a better sensitivity of the fork against small bumps, guaranteeing an incredible
feeling without tiring the cyclist.

Boost ™
The new and revolutionary technological advances in bicycle components, such as the Sram XX1, X01 and X1 transmissions, have 
given bike manufacturers unprecedented freedom in the search for ever better performance in every field. Every technological
advancement must integrate perfectly with all the components of the MTB for this reason a new standard has been developed for
Sram transmissions, RockShox hubs and forks, thus "Boost" was born, capable of offering more safety and rigidity even to the
most extreme bicycles. Enduro and Trail Riding. Maxima Plush Fluid Developed with the fastest athletes in the world and on the toughest circuits in the world. Maxima Plush Fluid has been designed to
protect the suspension from wear, reduce friction and muffle the noise of the shock absorber while maintaining a smooth and
constant ride feeling even after many hours of use. SKF seals Everyone loves a good partnership, which is why RockShox has been partnering with SKF, the world's most famous seal
manufacturer, for over 5 years. Together they will provide ultra low friction seals and dust seals, ensuring less wear and an
unmatched suspension feel, all while keeping dirt in place (outside), because no one wants dust and water to get inside the
suspension. TwistLoc Finding a compact and ergonomic lock is no easy task. Rock Shox has gone to great lengths to create a perfect solution for you:
the new TwistLock. The fork lock and shock absorber integrated into the knob offer you maximum comfort and safety while riding.
The construction provides an even more sophisticated release: the only thing you have to do is lightly press the button conveniently located on the fixing ring. Maxle Stealth Who would have thought that speaking of Stealth it was a thru axle? The new Maxle Stealth is a lighter and more innovative
alternative to the Maxle Lite and Maxle Ultimate. The Rock Shox Maxle Stealth axle offers exceptional stiffness and longevity to your
bike and allows you to ride with greater precision! A performing axle, very light and easy to use. Included Remote Control Twist Loc. Maxle Stealth thru axle. Fender. Steering spider.

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