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Cavo Cambio Elvedes EL6472 Shimano-Sram-Campagnolo

Manufacturer: Elvedes
SKU: 6472RVS
Manufacturer part number: 6472
Delivery date: 1-2 giorni
Cavo cambio compatibile Shimano, Sram e Campagnolo. Standard regolare
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  • Cavo inox per cambio
  • lunghezza: 2250mm
  • Diametro: 1.1mm
  • testa da 4x4mm
  • Compatibile con: Shimano-Sram-Campagnolo
  • con terminali filo in dotazione
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MPM-TECH RollerGear wire pulley - gearbox Sram11 - 12 speed

The RollerGear pulley is made of 7075 T6 aluminum and is a pulley designed for Sram 1x11 or 1x12 gearbox. In particular, when we ride in muddy conditions, we found that the Sram rear derailleurs do not have a shifting precision, because the original plastic pulley slides on a steel screw. The latter suffers a strong friction, when dirt, water or mud come into play, causing poor precision or "phantom shift", because the rear derailleur is not able to react easily to the action of the command, as the gear cable may not move freely. The pulley contains a stainless steel bearing designed to ensure maximum smoothness in any situation.
€19.80 €22.00