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Gelu Carbon Creation is a Portuguese company founded in 2013 by Anghel Ivanof (Gelu) who, for over 30 years, has been involved in composites in the most diverse areas. In the early 90s, the nautical adventure began with the manufacture and repair of various carbon components for competition boats (canoeing, rowing, windsurfing, surfing). Between 1999 and 2020 he was directly involved in the world of aeronautical manufacturing and advanced composites, and it was precisely during this period that from 2005 onwards he began to apply the knowledge and experience acquired to the world of cycling with the repair of all components in carbon, using advanced composite technology.

Focus on Quality

In 2006, the first prototype of a 100% carbon saddle appears and it took about 7 years of development, tests and certifications and a competent team from the aeronautical world, composed of an orthopedist, a urologist, two engineers and some of the best Portuguese athletes, so that in 2013, the first Gelu saddle was presented to the world, which positioned itself in the market as the lightest saddle in the world!

Since then, several models of certified and improved saddles have been developed, and several weight records have been broken, where in 2018 it presented the K3 model with only 38g, which remains today the lightest saddle in the world.

In addition to saddles, today the Gelu brand also produces seatposts, handlebars, headsets, cymbals and spider for MTB, and has several other new products under development.

All Gelu products are conceived, designed, developed and manufactured “by hand” in the factory in Portugal, having already presented several completely unique and innovative products such as the handlebars for MTB and polygon-shaped seatpost, or the “fast change system”.